We work closely with architects, designers and kitchen and bathroom installers to ensure you get exactly what you want to the highest level of quality and finish.

The Company

At Interfusion Joinery, we have a vast level of experience that spans project sizes large and small. We work to add elegance and style to the home while incorporating the personality of the owner. Throughout our work across the UK, we make everything from handmade entrance doors to spiral staircases.

Our skilled craftsmen and women work hard to go above and beyond client expectations at all times. One of the ways we differ ourselves from the competition is through the initial consultation where we focus on a complete conception of the idea before going into the construction side.

We work with architects, designers, and a number of professional installers to deliver the highest quality finished project as possible.

Our History

Our skilled professionals at Interfusion Joinery have a significant amount of past experience. Our team is comprised of joiners, architects, designers, and many others. Collectively, we have over 60 years of experience and use this in order to enhance the homes of our clients.

We work hard to continue to hone our skills and stay on top of the latest UK regulations and codes. This makes a difference in the work we produce and the speed in which we are able to deliver for our clients.

We’ve been working in the UK for years and continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.
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