Bathroom Cabinets

Your bathroom needs to be functional above all else. At Interfusion Joinery, we create bathroom cabinets to meet your specifications. This includes size, colour, material, and more. You might want to have multiple shelves within the cabinets, along with drawers for added storage.

Whether you are remodelling your bathroom or simply want a modern look, we’re able to work with you to conceptualise a new and exciting design. This way, you add more character to your home and have the storage that you desire.

We will be able to work with the current designs and take cues from the sinks, flooring, wall coverings, and more to produce bathroom cabinets you will love. Each time you go into the bathroom, you can smile knowing that you now have exactly what you want.

Made to Order

The made to order aspect of the bathroom cabinets is what makes us different than many of the other companies in the UK. We don’t install pre-fabricated cabinets. Instead, we sit down with you to learn of what you want. We will then get to work to design cabinets that are bespoke to your specifications. It allows you to be in control of the completed design so you’re happier with it all.

We will then install and provide you with the pulls and knobs that you have hand chosen. It adds that custom feel so you love your bathroom a little bit more.