Wooden Staircases

Your home needs to be able to speak about your personality. The stairs to enter a loft, a second-floor, or a balcony should be not only functional, but also have character. That’s what we offer at Interfusion Joinery – the ability to add character throughout your home.

Our skilled craftsmen and women will be able to create a variety of designs and we guarantee that when we sit down for an initial consultation, we will be able to create a design you will love. Whether it spirals down from one floor to the next or uses some of the most rustic timber, you’re going to appreciate the value and aesthetic it adds to your home. All it takes is that special touch, and we have the modest joiners to make it happen, and at a budget that you can work with.

Individual Approach

Every home is different and every client is different. This is why we find it important to take an individual approach when it comes to providing you with wooden staircases. We take the time to listen to your needs and one of our designers will then create a plan based upon what it is that you desire.

We will incorporate the best materials as well as a unique design so you’re not only happy with the finished product, but absolutely thrilled. It’s part of our commitment to excellence, and we hope that you will love what we are able to create.