We are very precise in our work and always go the extra mile
to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Skills

Our skills at Interfusion Joinery have been honed throughout the years. As you meet our teams, they are modest about their skill levels and this leads to be a better delivery of the finished project.

We have carpenters, glaziers, and others who are on our team and it is their skills that allow us to offer the comprehensive list of services that we do. The skills have been developed through apprenticeship under some of the best in the business. They all work under a project manager, too, to ensure their skills are put to good use.

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Beautiful designs fit the integrity of your home and add new life.
sleek & natural
Modern Kitchens
Update the kitchen in your home with new materials and designs.
custom made
Bathroom Cabinets
Take advantage of beautiful bathroom cabinets to add a personal touch.
Introduce practical and high quality wooden staircases into the inside and outside of your home.
made to order
Get the perfect piece of furniture to hold your favourite pieces of clothing.
Design Furniture
Avoid settling for furniture in stores and learn the benefits of bespoke designs.
Add timber windows to your home to add a piece of rustic charm.
internal & external
timber Doors
Incorporate more character into your UK home with the use of rustic timber doors.